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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 12, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: you are watching live from paris on france 24. french politics turned upside down as the party created less than a year ago -- with ,raditional parties across macron morning about the consequences of a weak opposition. asdreds arrested in russia towns and cities turn out to march against corruption. vowing to take on next year's elections. this mess andnto i will be the one to get us out. prime minister theresa may vows to stay on despite losing her
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parties majority in last week's election. talks with lawmakers in northern ireland continue. ♪ kicking off with a shakeup for french politics following yesterday's parliamentary elections. the barely one-year-old party of president emanuel macron is on the brink of a landslide victory. his centrist republic on the move party looks set to win hundreds of seats, crushing socialists and conservatives. up to 445 seats on the move. the conservatives coming in farnd with john ma©lenchon right party and the socialist
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party that ruled france in the last five years has lost almost a third of its seats, possibly more. impressive results for centrists, which is somewhat tainted by a record low turnout. yesterday more than four -- more than half of french voters -- >> it is being heralded as a .andslide victory after one round of voting the new political party won 32% of parliamentary seats. analysts predict that they will now have nearly 400 seats, or 70% after next week's second round. >> emmanuel macron has 32% of votes after this first round of legislative elections. this means he is very likely going to have a large majority in parliament, so he will be able to pass his reforms. >> those reforms include an upheaval of the labor cold -- labor code. terrain and unemployment and kickstart france's alien economy.
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what should have been a resounding victory has been overshadowed by historic abstention rates. nearly half of french voters turned up to polling stations. >> even if it is a clear victory for him and his party, because of the low turnout. it is really worrying. there was some kind of -- it was the primary season. withpolitical inexperience -- some question whether the parliament can count on the majority. >> with some analysis, a historian and expert in french politics.
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thank you for joining us. a centrist party has swept the board. it has taken voters share from the more extreme parties. is this welcomed in your view? more from the extreme -- victory. a landslide it is not necessarily -- it doesn't tend -- it doesn't take any legitimacy away. likely winning an absolute majority in the absolute assembly. anchor: for all the talk of the rise of populist parties, of
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course making it to the second round of the presidential election. it seems like the extreme parties are being pushed to the sides. >> for centrist politics, perhaps also i think trump and brexit debacle has also -- extreme populist answers may seem seducing at first. it is barely more than an empty shell. >> re: concerned with the lack of opposition in parliament? >> macron very unexpectedly one how much cohesion there will be
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inside his own majority with all these disparate voices. some experience a traditional party with the left and right. it is safe to say among the 420 people debating, it is not likely on everything. there will be some measure of dialogue. parliament,e to his that the majority will take, that is not a problem he hopes to solve right now. it's for the other parties to get out how they are going to what faith have -- they will have in this new legislature. there was a record low turnout in this election. for thetive point
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party. might think macron encounter opposition from the public when he tries to push through his reforms? turnout was more than it has been in the previous legislative action, but it is not that germanic compared to the electorate, actually compared to the number of voters . it was not that much different. at 50.44% and now we are you can enter that extension as frenchof at least electives, not wanting to oppose macron, not wanting to give him a chance. i was shocked how many people
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that i talked to that had not voted for him. whether or not they're going to we mighttheir mp said as well give him his chance. nothing will change anyways. -- forople, it meant other cement staying home and not opposing the president. anchor: thank you very much. apologies for the sound quality ring that interview. -- quality during that interview. the president of france has been receiving the president of -- he is the latest to meet with emanuel macron. -- off the ivory coast
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macron will pay tribute to the troops fighting alongside french soldiers. they talked about fighting terrorism and also climate change during their talks this afternoon. >> the moment came for big industrialized countries to engage with a global climate fund. africa, which contributes only 4% and is still -- but also the possibility for having clean energy. >> dozens of people with dozens of cities in russia and taken a part in protests against corruption. security forces came down hard on the rallies.
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>> violent arrests in moscow with an unsanctioned position -- unsanctioned opposition rally. anticorruption called for a day of nationwide protests on monday, sparking demonstrations in major cities across russia. in moscow the campaign supporters were joined by and apartment buildings curtly housing 1.6 million people. an rally was given officially sanctioned location but hours beforehand they announced a last-minute boot -- last-minute move. -- this is location the kremlin's decision. >> the change was due to the authorities interfering with soundstage equipment before he was able to attend his wife said he was arrested outside their home.
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the police's heavy-handed approach saw scores of protesters taken in. some among them claimed they would not -- they were not even anticipating. >> owes on my way to a cafe. a police man said to me go with me. i said i'm on the way to meet my girlfriend. he said go with us to now i want to know why i was detained. despite hundreds of arrests in the country, monday's protests was smaller than similar rallies organized against dmitry medvedev. and policeeded arrested 1000 people, including -- was given a 16 day jail term. man behind thee current unrest in russia? a bit more. anchor: he has been called the best hope for russian
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liberalization and has become one of the leading voices of the anti-kremlin opposition. for grab theawyer attention of an outspoken blogger in 2008. writing about corruption in state-owned corporations. tired of living in poverty under the ruling party,, which he calls the party of cooks and thieves. he leads mass protests in the capital after the common was accused of vote rigging. he was arrested and imprisoned but released in time to speak at the largest rally in moscow. >> we know why we are here. do we want their privileges, do we want their oil? we want them to return what belongs to us. >> young russians weren't the only ones listening. after vladimir putin was reelected president, his government was placed under criminal investigation. he was convicted of embezzlement
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and sentenced to five years in jail only to be released a day later so he can campaign in moscow's mayoral race. >> you brought down and destroyed the greatest privilege >> despite had a, having no access to state television to campaign, he grabbed 27% of the vote falling just behind the kremlin's candidate. four years later he is back in the spotlight, this time vying for the nation's top government position, president. legal troubles are once again slowing him down. theebruary he was handed same embezzlement sentence. conviction could prevent him from running against putin in the 2018 election. along with 1000 other protesters were arrested. in the biggest antigovernment demonstration since 2012. his supporters are still coming out in droves and he has been
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criticized for sympathizing with russian nationalists. after speaking at several nationalist rallies. >> i am the one who can give us out of that who can get us out of it. after last week's botched election results. must get support from lawmakers in northern ireland. to beeement has yet reached. the opposition party has been stepping up the pressure calling on may to resign. let's go to london and our correspondent. it is looking as if theresa may may have delayed the queen's speech. >> there is confusion as to whether the important dates is indeed the day in which the head
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outtate will give and read that queen's speech. with the democratic unionist party in northern ireland. that hasn't been nailed down yet. it is no firm deal yet. but be a coalition government. where they would then support on the may's government economy and defense. if it doesn't go ahead on monday, it seems the content and the deal being struck that hasn't been finalized is being
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fostered tonight, theresa may in the morning and will we have an announcement after that meeting. and anly a busy day contrite minister in the 1922 committee are saying i got us into this mess and i will get us out of it. sayingts of speculation to the same mp i will serve you. she won over most of hers so it seems that a leadership battle is not on the cards. another busy day has come and gone almost and theresa may also chaired her first cabinet meeting.
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what is jeremy corbyn saying about all of this? the labour party did much better than expected in last week's election? is it time to get out? >> he hasn't been vocal today but he was yesterday and the day before. his position is very clear. he is waiting and hoping theresa may's government and the deal won't work out and when it falls they will be right there. he hopes it is a matter of days. they will put forward an amendment to the queen's speech and that he will invite all mps, not just his own to vote for it. the position of the labour party is clear. he did do better, low expectations have to be set. and the labour party gained 30. they are still far behind the
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biggest party, which is the conservative party. the conservative party fail to get a majority and needs those 10 seats to get that majority. >> thank you indeed. fighting continues in the philippines this monday with government troops struggling to push islamist insurgents out of the southern city of -- isis linked fighters seized the city, fighting coinciding with the nation's independence day. many countries not in the mood to celebrate. celebrarate the philippines independence and to commemorate the fallen. civilians that in silence as the national flag was raised a few hundred meters away military planes continued their bombing operations over the besieged city. >> it pains us so much.
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our city has turned into a ghost town. >> filipino troops have been battling against hundreds of jihadist insurgents who overran my raleigh on may 23, fly in the black flag of the islamic state group. despite assistance from u.s. special forces the military has struggled to drive militants out. around 200,000 people have been displaced and 200 killed in three weeks of fighting. filipino president said sunday the attack on the country's ofgest muslim city was part a wider plot by the islamic state group to establish a base in the south of the philippines. it's come to my attention that the leader of the islamic hase group himself specifically ordered terrorists to target the philippines. >> authorities had said the , butine to liberate marry
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using hostages and pre-existing tall networks to entrench their positions, military leader safe could take months. >> kate moody is with us. this one related to an alleged conflict of interest. >> maryland and washington dc have filed a lawsuit claiming the present is excepting payments from foreign itsrnments the a it's it -- business empire and the trump hotel which opened last year a few blocks away from the white house. they are asking the president to release his personal financial information, including tax returns. he has faced significant criticism for not completely cutting ties with offices but putting his estate into a blind trust managed by his sons. say notrney general's only to trump's business is
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posed an unfair advantage to local hotels and restaurants, they may be breaking the law and violating the constitution's anticorruption clauses. we know foreign governments are spending money there in order to curry favor with the president of the united states. example, the kingdom of saudi arabia, whose government has important business and policy before the president of the united states has already hundreds of thousands of dollars at the trump international hotel. every time the president has spoken about drawing a line between his presidency and his business, he has walked his promise back. >> partisan politics are behind the lawsuit, but the justice department has declined to comment. a diplomatic standoff with qatar continues. residents have been worried about food shortages.
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now trying to bypass the regional restrictions by opening up new shipping routes. >> the water cannon welcomed for the handsome newberg, a cargo -- thecumented containers will help provide over 2.5 million people with staples and raw materials. a small victory hampered by a so-called blockade imposed by its neighbors. the port authority announced two new services that will both run three times her week. one heading to the northern city, the other heading to the south. before the united arab emirates cut off all traffic with qatar, cargo transit through -- qatari importers say thousands of containers destined for their country are stuck there.
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this new initiative is an effort to bypass this problem. already announcing it will be using the root for its shipments to qatar. while it is the largest producer and exporter of liquefied natural gas, they rely heavily on imports for food and commodities. almost 40% of all foods imported from saudi arabia. in addition to funding new external partners, and look produces have to increase production to meet local demand. >> when the situation has arrived. we want to concentrate on our market. receiving help from turkey and saudi arabia's regional rival. >> wall street is trading motor
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-- trading lower. sectors down about 3%. slightly parent back some of its earlier losses. european indices closed on the red. dax not far behind they are paid investors around the world will be working -- will be looking to this week's meeting at the federal reserve. meanwhile the uncertainty created by the uk's general election results has been dragging on sterling as well. a bit more against the dollar this hour. exporters in the u.k., those -- could those receive a boost because of that currency? the value of the currency something like the equity price of the nation. guessing that i'm getting the impression that some in the british export industry are
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hoping brexit might not happen at all because it is too complicated and nobody there to negotiate. >> south korea's president is try to get a major economic stimulus plan passed. seeking a stimulus package to tackle joblessness. his plan aims to create -- 71,000 in the public sector. ant is necessary to combat urgent crisis of youth unemployment was stands at a record 11.2%. they will first need the approval of parliament and ask lawmakers to pass his deal. >> as i've said repeatedly job creation is epicenter of an economic issue. of course it is difficult to resolve immediately. we should do what we can straightaway. this budget supplement would improve unemployment and prevent the income gap from widening further.
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>> moving on to other business headlines, pressure is going on uber ceo amid reports that his other top executive has resigned. senior vice president annual michael is said to be leading the company. he could soon be forced to take a leave of absence. uber's board of directors will publish the recommendation of a month-long investigation into sexual harassment. voting to adopt all measures that were proposed by former attorney general eric holder. rival has raised -- three venture capital fund. the car manufacturer will provide list's to the vehicle. lift has been partnering as it tries to overtake uber in the race to develop a driverless taxi service.
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stepping down as chairman and ceo of general electric after 16 years on the job after shifting away from its traditional home appliance business and sold off the tv network
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06/12/17 06/12/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! outbreak, as well as been depressing the predictable come a direct consequence the conflict. headache cared, the outbreak was avoidable. amy: a massive outbreak of cholera is killing one person every hour in war-torn yemen as the death h toll form ththe outk tops 859 people.


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